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Termes & Conditions

All buyers must read condition before placing bid with 4B Auction (9073-5549 Quebecinc) . Placing a bid is a contract link with general conditions. These terms and conditions can be modified verbally the day of the auction or by an official post. They link the buyer and the seller (4B auction)

Buying conditions

Placing a bid on a lot offer by Encan 4B Auction , Remember ; Placing a bid is a contract to buy regardless if you read or misunderstood the conditions.

Condition of the item

All lot will be carefully described by Encans 4B Auction, All sell is ; As-it.

We are not responsible for type fault or any mistake in the catalog. It is the responsibility of the bidder to ask question before placing bid.

We can NOT be responsible for ; propriety, authenticity , authorisation, condition, scale, quality, rarity, importance, provenance, exposition, literature, historical pertinence or restauration on goods & other. It is the buyer responsibility to ask question before bidding .  No declaration from our part  (verbal or writhing) can constitute a guaranty.

Because of the age of the item, we a specialised in ; All item are sold for display purpose only. If there are motor , electric or other mechanical pieces , we can not be hold responsible for the functionality of these (event if they were working at the moment of the auction)

Questions must be ask 48h before auction close to inssure a response. We do ours best to answer all questions.

Needer us or the sender can guaranty if buyers can acquire the right to intellectual property or reproduction of the item.

Return will NOT be accepted at any condition.

All lot are available approximately 3 weeks before the auction.

Auction term

The auctioneer has the right determine the highest bidder or re-open a auction with a problem. Live bid always have priority on internet and away bid.

We have the right to expulse undesirable bidder.

It is your responsibility to declare or insure your item once it is yours.

We are not responsible for any malfunction of the internet or telephone service.

AWAY BID - Encan 4B Auction accept ''away bids'' these are preauthorise by Mail, fax or via our site (encan4bauction.com).

The form for bidding ; Must have the lot number , the title and the maximal amount offer.

The offer can be view online at ; www.ecan4bauction.com, if (2) two offers are the same the priority goes to the first one received. The offer should be place by increment like in the form. The auctioneer can change the increment at any time. Online bid can be place via www.encan4bauction.com and will be charge to 48h after the auction on your registered credit card. The auctioneer will place your bid strategically and will never exceed your maximum amount.

Online Bid - Bidding online via encan4bauction.com , live or another auction platform, please see the terms and condition of each site. In case of equality the floor bidder have priority. If the buyer haven paid in (7) seven days ; encan4bauction have the right to charge the registered credit card. The auctioneer has FINAL word on all items sold. The bidder is responsible for accidental bidding or type fault.

Winning - Encan4bauction will contact the winning bidder in 24 to 48h with an official bill. The bill will include ; the item + shipping with tracking + insurance and all fee applicable. Please let us 24 to 48h before contacting us on the phone regarding your purchase . We will NOT provide information's about your purchase to a third parties.

Bidding increasement - List on the site is for example only. The auctioneer have the right to decide the increasement , If a lot do not receive bid equal to 25% of the initial estimation the lot (item) will be adopted by the auctioneer. 

RESERVE - Some of our lot have reserve price. The bidders authorise the auctioneer to place bid until the reserve is meet.

BUYERS FEE - 15% will be add to your total, additional fee may apply according to the use platform, See each site condition.

TAXES - Canadian bidder/buyers must pay taxes according to the province they are registered in. Taxes can NOT be combined if item are from different lot. If you have the official paper for taxes relief,  you must present them (5) five days before closing of the lot.

CREDIT CARDS - The associated card will be charge 12h after the auction. For first buyer OR bill over 2 500$ must fill the according form and sing it. For more question call us. Non-paying bidder will be block for future auction and expose themself to judiciary action from us.

SHIPPING & PACKAGING - It is your responsibility to calculate all fee wen placing bid.

PLAN A PICK-UP - IF you want to pick-up your item, Please contact us at ; info@encan4bauction.com to plan an appointment.

INSURE YOUR ITEM - After the bidder win the item is automatically the new owner, and must insure is new item with his insurance compagnie. encan4bauction or any of his employees is NOT responsible for Damage or lost of the item and rudeness of delivery service.

SHIPPING PACKAGING INSSURANCE - Will be place at your disposition for additional fee , Shipping will be adjust depending of your location. We will ship your item in (7) seven working days after payment is clear. Items will be entirely the responsibility of the buyer and NOT encan4bauction employees or postal service problem.

EXPEDITION - We can only ship to your registered address for security reason. Winning bidder must insure is new item with his insurance compagnie. encan4bauction or any of his employees is NOT responsible for Damage or loss of the item and rudeness of delivery service. The buyer should buy a insurance for is package (fee may applies). Buyer must FREE encan4bauction of any charge (including lawyers fee)  in the eventuality of package problem since claim will be place with the delivery compagnie itself.

COMBINE SHIPPING - if it is possible ; we always combine shipping with great pleasure in order to possibly reduce the cost. You must pay each initial shipping fee. If possible (with-out compromising security) we will refund the over pay later.

INSSURANCE - Each initial shipping quote normally come with a maximum of 1000$ CND if the values of your items total is between 1001 and 10 000$ CND we will automatically add additional insurance . that you can refuse if we receive official permission from you...

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - We are an official registered company and we will only declare real values of each package. including ; auction & fee. Your package maybe subject to IMPORTATION FEE , NOT INCLUDES in your bill. These are entirely your responsibility and may varies depending of your countries. If it is possible for you to pick-up your item, we will of course refund the shipping.

VERY LARGE ITEM - It is your responsibility to organise and pay a third party to pick-up your pre-paid item OR we can do it for you (fee may applies) . It can vary from transporter BUT Normally package must not exceed 30 KG 2M long and have a total volume of 3M. If you package meet these criteria but still necessity a special delivery service, we will let you know. We recommend you check https://www.canadapost.ca 

If you like to organise a other method of pick-up , please let us know at least (7) seven days before with the name of the company OR individual taking charge of your package.  This company OR individual MUST have a copy of your bill in their possession at the time of pick-up. If the pick-up requires additional working hours for us fee may applies.

STOCKAGE FEE - If your pick-up schedule is exceeding 30 Days of the End of the auction encan4bauction can offer the storage of your package for 75$ CND by week

-Applicable law

Law in the Canadian province of Quebec will prevail. Each of the parties will respect the decision of the court. Located in Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu Qc Canada.


All litigation will be decided by the court. The fee will be split (50/50) between the 2 parties. The winning side have the right to claim is lawyer and fee attach to the case.

-Return Policy

_ Return option is ONLY available to original buyer NO third parties.

_Return option strictly reserve for buyer that have paid in the seven (7) working day limit.

encan4bauction will do is very best do describe each lot. In case of a error bidder/buyers will have tree (3) working day after receiving the package to take contact with us to have a RA aka returning authorization number. If your return is accepted, you must choose a shipping method that will include insurance and under seven (7) working day delivery limit. Your package must include the RA on the box and also inside the package.


-Encan 4B Auction reserves the right to send you advertising by email at any time.